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  1. 1. Milling

    The malted barley is coarsely ground in the mill and collected in the grist case above the mash tun.

  2. 2. Mashing

    The milled malt is mixed with hot (72°C) water as it goes into the mash tun, which we call mashing. The resulting mash is left to stand for just over an hour while the starch in the malted barley is turned into sugar. This sugar solution (that we call wort) is then run off from the bottom of the mash tun into the copper. More hot water is then sprayed over the top of the mash to ensure we get as much of the sugar as possible out of the malt. This is called sparging.

  3. 3. Boiling

    Hops are now added when the wort is collected in the copper. This is then boiled for an hour, while as much bitterness and aroma as we want is extracted from the hops. Sometimes we will add the hops at different times during the boil to give different hop characteristics.

  4. 4. Fermentation

    The hopped wort is cooled down so that yeast can be added. The yeast turns the sugars into alcohol and carbon dioxide and does this over a period of five days. At the end of the fermentation the beer is cooled down to 9°C and held for a few more days to allow the flavour to develop a bit more.

  5. 5. Racking

    The finished beer is put into casks (a process we call racking). At the same time finings are added which will help the beer to clarify in a pub cellar. We fill three different sizes of casks. These are firkins, kilderkins and barrels. Having completed 95% of the job, the final (and most important) 5% is what happens in the pub cellar.